Monday, 27 July 2015

We love PALS

This term Year 1 have met some new friends, Anna, Jack and Mrs Kookaburra. Each week our new friends visit Year 1 to teach the students about a new social skill. 

In Week 1, the students learnt about the skill of Greeting Others. They learnt that the 3 steps to greet someone. 
1. Look at the person (on the forehead if we don't want to look at their eyes)
2. Smile
3. Say 'hello'. 
The students even learnt a song to help them learn the skill, which they may be able to sing to you at home.

This week, the students learnt the skill of taking turns when talking and listening. They learnt to look at the person who is speaking, to be quiet while that person is speaking and to listen to what they are saying. 

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