Friday, 24 July 2015

Maths Week 2

This week in maths, the students have been working on adding two numbers together using efficient strategies. Below is our learning intention and success criteria, examples of efficient strategies they can use and some photos of students work.

For the next week, can you solve the following question at home and prove it using efficient strategies...

The sum of two numbers is 19, what might the two numbers be?

You might like to ask your child the following questions when they proving their answers...
Can you prove it to me?
How do you know?
What is a quick way of working it out?
Can you do it another way?

You may also like to prompt your child by asking;
Can you use your doubles?
Can you use friends of 10?
Can you count on?
Can you add the tens and then the ones?
Can you build to the next 10?

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