Monday, 27 July 2015

Maths Chatterboxes

The kids are loving our new maths warm up - Chatterboxes with a maths twist. I have attached the link where you can download your own for free and play at home! 

This game incorporates counting, recognising numbers on a tens frame and in tally marks. It also looks at groups of items and partitioning numbers. When playing it could be adapted by counting backwards from your number, adding 10 more to the number chosen, counting by 2s or 3s to the number, and counting on from the number chosen. The children could even create their own version with numbers and representations of numbers of their choosing.

Ensure you are getting the most out of this quick game by questioning your child:
- What number have you chosen?
- After they choose their number, "How do you know?"
- What do you know about that number?
- What can you see?

Stay tuned for a video of some kids playing and questioning one another. 

Click here for your own free copy!

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