Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Sight Words

Download and print your child's sight words to practise them at home. Our 200 sight words make up 65 percent of words in reading. Practicing reading and writing sight words, through the many activities below, will assist your child in these areas. It is important that your child knows how to read and write their words.
  Use as flashcards
  Print multiple sets of the sight words and play bingo games with the words
  Play 'Who am I?' with your child.  To do this, think of one of the sight words in the set your child is learning and give your child clues to help them guess the word.  For instance, for the word 'at' you might say, "I am a short word.  I have two letters.  I rhyme with cat.  Who am I?
  Find pencils, pens or chalk in a variety of colours.  Ask your child to select a colour and write down their list of sight words.  Then ask your child to write over each word in different colours to create rainbow words.  This process will help your child identify and remember the letter sequence in each sight word.
  Try writing the words in sand at the beach or in a sandpit.
  Make the words out of play dough or with magnetic letters.
  Print a second set of sight words and play 'snap!'
  Importantly, work with your child to build sentences with the words.  Make a sentence construction kit that contains the sight words your child knows or is learning and other words such as family and animal names and the names of places you like to go.  The words in this kit could be on pieces of card, paper or even blocks.
  Go to http://www.spellingcity.com/missstone/. Choose your child’s sight word list and an activity to practise their words. Some of the activities include hangman, word search and letter unjumble. There is also a spelling city ipad app which can be downloaded for free and you can search missstone for the lists.

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  1. We hope you have all been enjoying using these fun ideas to practise sight words with your children. Please let us know if you have had any issues with the spelling city link. I have checked it and it seems to be working.

    Another idea for practising sight words is to blu tac the sight words in your child's room. Then while lying in bed and using a torch, they can search for the words, saying them as they find them.

    Please let us know of your child's favourite ways to practise their sight words!