Sunday, 7 June 2015

Year 1 are Good Writers

This week's celebration of writing comes from Alexandra in 1W. Alexandra has written a very creative and entertaining story. Read it below!

She has included a blurb that leaves the reader wanting to read her story
Once upon a time there were two twins. Their names were Olivia and Ben. They were friends.

On Tuesday they were at the park. It was so fun! They were flying everywhere.

On Wednesday they had a big fight. They lost their mum and dad. They lost their family. It was just them two. Then a mean Eagle came and ate Ben. When Olivia was 90 years old she lost her wings. Then her whole family came.

Their family was so sad. They had no smiles on their face. They never went anywhere. So they were very lonely.

She has also included a glossary of some technical or tricky words that are in her writing.

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