Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Multiplication and Division

Over the past two weeks Year One have been working on multiplication and division through the concept of lollies. 

Their first task was imagine you have 12 lollies to share with some friends. How many friends could you share your lollies with and how many lollies would each friend get?
Students were able to work out a number of solutions to the problem, sharing the lollies equally. They recorded their solutions through drawings, sharing counters into groups, organising into arrays and writing the repeated addition number sentence. 

Students then had to solve the following task. Everyone at a party gets 3 lollies. How many people are at a party? How many lollies will there be altogether?
For this task the students needed to multiply by the same number each time. They once again demonstrated their multiple solutions through a variety of ways including groups, rows, drawings and writing the repeated addition number sentence. Students were then encouraged to think of more efficient ways of solving the problem. For example, If I had 20 people at my party, I could work out how many lollies there would be for 10 people and then double my answer.

Have your child share household items with family members at home. It could be while preparing dinner, setting the table or sharing a block of chocolate.

Check out some of the great mathematical thinking from the students in the pictures below. 

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